The Faerie House

The Rocket Stove Mass Heater

Experiment Time

Prototype #1 takes shape from old bricks, mud, and a very old and broken dustbin

A brick tower forms the secondary combustion chamber, enclosed in the dusbin.

Prototype #2 sees the bin binned; it is replaced by a larger brick tower and a (too large) steel plate atop.

Prototype #3 is a serious upgrade, requiring a taller tower... accomodate a twin-walled stainless-steel insulated racket chamber.

With the fire lit the steel plate warms up and a little steam, but no smoke, emerges from the exhaust vent.

While we wait for the pot to boil, David, Chris and Joe discuss theory, Erica makes running repairs and who knows what Jean, Maddie and Jodi are plotting.

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