The Faerie House


A round house needs a round site and this circle has had its turf removed and a thick layer of ash laid down to make a firm dry floor. Take care of your old garden roller.

Twelve holes, each 50 cm deep, were dug in a circle and twelve posts of Douglas fir, each three metres long, were erected in the twelve holes, but not before their bottoms were painted with something that did not smell very faerie-like.

And look! There goes Post Number 12.

The sun has come out and the elves have been busy. They've put up scaffolding to work from and constructed a ring beam of 12 douglas fir poles, ends a bit flattened with an adze for a comfy fit and a six inch nail at each end to fix. The tall cross is to support the first rafter during construction. It's called Charlie. The other cross is Charlie's mate; for just in case.

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